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Every visual novel under the sun has you assume the role of an average guy meeting beautiful anime girls who magically fall for him after a few clicks.

In CLASS OF '09 you play the anime girl and verbally destroy any guy in your path


Set from 2007 to 2009, relive the late 2000's with a twist!
This demo is roughly 10% of the full game to be released in 2021.


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Class of 09 Win Demo 209 MB
Class of 09 Mac Demo 192 MB


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My Bestie and I ALSO played the RE U-P!

Loved it ^o^



wish this game was on Android

You can play it with joiplay

My Bestie and I played this it was so fun :D

this game is pure gold


class of 09 RE UP gameplay. lmaoo dis game is INSANE 


Was not expecting this tbh... LMAOOO 

can i upload this game on youtube

I dont think so


as one of the only people here who actually graduated in 2009 lemme give you a real idea of this game.

the voice acting is smooth as butter and i love all the profanity, very realistic to the time period. 

i love the popping pills part, i started my addiction to painkillers in '06, '07 and was popping real percocets daily by '09, that warm feeling is legit.

the story is soooooo cliche, like holy fuck. and a lot of the dialogue is too, but the smooth voice acting and semi epic one liners help get you through it.

too many new age things thrown in, like i can tell this game was made the past couple years, takes away from the nostalgia and time frame.

dont know if im committe enough to buy the full game, but this demo wasnt awful, it was pretty alright actually. if youre like 14-16 right now, you wont appreciate this game as much as us old folks in our 30s, but you might relate some. 

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Give the full version a play and you'll find it will entirely blindside any cliche storyline expectations (if you get the right endings!)

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The MC voice is to fall for. The text is quirky and flows nicely ! <3

I'm not so found of how fucked up some endings are, but I guess it's because it just makes me feel bad being remembered how hard it is for girls to live under masculinism...

I wish there were some empowering self-deserving ending about fucking over pig's culture other than plain cynism (but I know, it would defeat the whole point :<).

I'd say "this is super cool - and kinda disgusting too".


I'm honestly in love w this and could not stop laughing, can't wait to play future updates or even in its finished status!

Releases in May. Follow the Class_of_09 Twitter!

Yay!! can't wait :)

Sounds like soulbronumbuh 3 lent his voice and style to this game. I remember the invisible man dub vid, this game has his fingerprints all over it.


Wow! This is so cool! It's too different from the things I usually see in visual novels. I really loved it! I would like to do a Spanish fan translation of this. Would you let me do it?


I can help =)


It's the first time I laugh this hard in front of a video game.

if you don't like the writing in this game, you don't know comedy